Liquor gift tin box

Liquor gift tin box

JB Packing always persist in environment concept, and highly recommend the tin packaging to our clients. Because of the different processes, the tins in JB Packing is suitable for all except the beverages and oils. The commonly way is using tin box as a outer package, for the liquor cannot be directly packaged by tin.

JB Packing has strict quality control, and all kinds of the raw material be asked for providing MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).The printing ink is needed to be first and food grade, the same as the tinplate, to ensure the quality.

We have many interesting tin boxes that can present your wines in different combinations. Please contact us right now, to look for you liquor tin box!

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More than 1000 sets of existing moulds ,which can save your cost and bring you various choices.



Tinplate supplier is our neighbor and tinplate can be carried by lift truck to our printing factory, super efficient!



JB has own printing factory,which makes us extremely flexible for your orders.



Fast printing,more than 10 sets of automatic production lines and over 100 skillfull workers ensure on-time delivery for your orders.

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Liquor tin box factory

JB Packing Industrial Co.,Ltd is a professional tin box manufacturer, has specialized in tin package customization and wholesale since 2008, with a monthly production capacity of 3 million tin boxes.

Customers highly praise our quality and delivery, and have been great long-term partners with many famous brands. Our markets cover all over China, and have already extended to Asian, Mid-east, European, American and other countries.

Good quality, competitive price and on-time delivery. A reliable tin box supplier to choose from.

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Liquor Gift Tin Box

The decoration design of wine packaging box must be consistent with the quality and price grade of wine to achieve synchronization. Any over packaging, false packaging, deceptive packaging and lack of packaging that do not live up to the name will bring huge losses to production enterprises.

Make your gift bottle of wine even more sepcial.The liquor tin boxes can hold wine, whisky,vodka and more,preserving your wine perfectly.We offer a range of eye-catching liquor tin packaging options for our clients.


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Wine packaging commonly used coated paper, special paper, gray board, fiberboard, acrylic, etc; There are dozens of accessories for hardcover boxes, such as styrofoam (foam), ribbon, flocking blister, blister cover, silk cloth, lion mouth, anti-counterfeiting latch, rivet, sponge, pearl cotton, EVA, PEO plastic bag, plastic label, resin label, metal label, anti-counterfeiting adhesive, magnet, handbag rope, corns, glue dripping, etc

Due to mass printing and production setup, our requested minimum order quantity is roughly 3,000-5,000 pcs for a large size tin and 10,000 pcs for a medium or small size tin.

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