What kind of tin package  have we been doing?

What kind of tin package have we been doing?

Tin package, is one of the environmental friendly package, can be recycling after using up. JB packing always persist in environment concept, and highly recommend the tin packaging to our clients.

Because of the different processes, the tins in JB PACKING is suitable for all except the beverages and oils. The tinplate is malleable, and the tin box can be made into various. There are more than 1000 sets moulds of tin boxes in JB Packing. We have many interesting odd tin boxes waiting for you to discover, except the commonly rectangular tin boxes, square tin boxes and round tin boxes.

JB Packing has strict quality control, and all kinds of the raw materials are asked for providing MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).The printing ink is needed to be first and food grade, the same as the tinplate, to ensure the quality. And your products can be stored in tin boxes directly.

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More than 1000 sets of existing moulds ,which can save your cost and bring you various choices.



Tinplate supplier is our neighbor and tinplate can be carried by lift truck to our printing factory, super efficient!



JB has own printing factory,which makes us extremely flexible for your orders.



Fast printing,more than 10 sets of automatic production lines and over 100 skillfull workers ensure on-time delivery for your orders.

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JB Packing Industrial Co.,Ltd is a professional tin box manufacturer, has specialized in tin package customization and wholesale since 2008, with a monthly production capacity of 3 million tin boxes.

Customers highly praise our quality and delivery, and have been great long-term partners with many famous brands. Our markets cover all over China, and have already extended to Asian, Mid-east, European, American and other countries.

Good quality, competitive price and on-time delivery. A reliable tin box supplier to choose from.

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2-piece Tin Package

Cup blanking and drawing – the press produces cups from steel or aluminum coils.

Ironing and doming – then place the cup in a series of rings. This process irons the can to form a bottom dome.

Trimming – the can rotates and the cutting device trims the can to a certain length.

Cleaning – trimmed cans go through multiple cleaning processes.

Printing and glazing – these cans are now rolled on cylinders for printing and glazing.

Bottom Polish – cans are bottom polished by applicator.

Baking – the paint pot is then passed through the conveying system in the oven for drying and setting up lithography.

Internal spraying – a composite protective coating is then applied to the tank.

The next step in the baking process is the internal curing of the coating.

Necking – the necks of cans are reduced so that they fit the size of the end of the can.

Flanging – the flange is formed on the edge of the can to allow double seaming with the tin can sealer in the future.

Testing – each can produced is leak tested.

3-piece Tin Package

Shearing – a shearing press cuts large metal coils into thin sheets.

Coating – apply a protective coating to the cured metal plate.

Printing – the manufacturer decorates the sheets according to the customer's preferences.

Glazing – decorated sheets are painted before curing.

Slitting – the body panel is cut into individual blanks to form tin cans.

Rolling shear – the device cuts the main blank into smaller rolling pages.

Final forming – start with a smaller rolling page and punch the end as follows. Finished products are packaged and delivered to customers and manufacturing plants.

Body forming – the body manufacturer forms the body blank into a cylinder and then connects the side seams by welding, cementing or welding.

Flanging – the cylinder of the previous process enters the flange. Flange the metal is rolled at both ends of the cylinder to form a flange. Similar to two-piece tanks, these flanges are created for double seam purposes.

Double seam – according to the customer's specification, the end of the can, whether at the top or bottom, is connected to the can through double seams.

Spray – the next step is to place the final coating on the inner surface of each can. This coating can be used as anti rust and anti-corrosion protection for cans.

Baking – the process of baking and curing the applied inner coating through an oven. The oven is a funnel oven, and the operator must carefully control the time and temperature value.

Airtight Tin Package

The square metal tin box container has a logo made of durable tinplate material, which is difficult to bend by hand. The surface looks elegant and anti-collision. Sealed airtight tin tea box with square tin inner cover for tea.

Candle Tin Package

Candle making and packaging is very important for business owners to display and sell self-made products. Family lovers must have seamless tin containers to hold handmade soybeans or candles. Tin containers are also important for storing powder dyes until making hand candles

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Tin containers for packaging. Manufacturers use tin cans to can various products from different industries. These include products from the food and beverage industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Packers prefer tin cans to ordinary metals because ordinary metals react with acid products, resulting in material corrosion. ‎

Tin has a relatively low boiling point and is easy to shape. Tin is one of the earliest metal materials used by mankind. Tin is very stable at room temperature, will not react with water and oxygen, non-toxic, easy to process and will not oxidize. Tin bottles and cans with good sealing performance, easy processing and no rust and oxidation are a priority for tea.

Due to mass printing and production setup, our requested minimum order quantity is roughly 3,000-5,000 pcs for a large size tin and 10,000 pcs for a medium or small size tin.

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